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ONLY ONE TO A CUSTOMER (Carolyn Leigh / Jule Styne) Frank Sinatra - 1986 Only one to a customer, only one One crack at paradise next to none Here am I riding high on a miracle come full blown Holding tight to a night like I've never known Because there's only one kind of wonderful I still prize You and that smile I see in your eyes You'll never know the feeling until you've spent your life in line Only one to a customer and this time I got mine (Instrumental Break) Only one to a customer, rarely two But when you've got that dream, one will do Why despair at the bare possibility luck has flown Stick around, stand your ground till the cards are shown Because there's only one way they won't come up all aces high That's if you let the deal pass you by Somebody up there bottled the thrill and like the rarest wine If it's one to a customer, I say just fine Only one to a customer and this one, this little bird is mine (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2019)


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