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ONE MORE TIME (Jan Crutchfield / Larry Butler / Buddy Killen) Jerry Lee Lewis - 1970 Jimmy Dickens - 1970 Connie Smith - 1971 Ferlin Husky - 1971 Conway Twitty - 1971 Mistakes, I know I've made them, but you don't know how much I hate them But that's me, darlin', and I don't guess ol' Jerry will ever change And I don't mean to hurt you, heaven knows I hate to hurt you But here I am to ask forgiveness one more time One more time I'll ask you to forgive me One more time I'll come crawling back to you All I ask is a chance to show how much I love you so Will you please take me back one more time Oh, one more time I'm gonna tell you that I'm sorry But this time darlin' I'll get down on my bended knees And I'll cry and beg forgiveness, please woman, give me your forgiveness Will you please take me back one more time Would you please take me back just one more time (One more time) (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2012)


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