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ON THE BEACH AT BALI-BALI (Al Sherman, Jack Maskill, Abner Silver) As recorded by: Maurice Win nick & His Orchestra V. Sam Costa Recorded 30th June 1936 Also recorded by: Tommy Dorsey, V. Bing Crosby Dorsey Brothers Jimmy Lunceford Bunny Berigan / Artie Shaw Henry “Red” Allen Frank Chacksfield Connee Boswell Primo Scala & His Accordion Band .and many more It happened on the beach at Bali-Bali I found her dreaming on the golden sands It happened on the beach at Bali-Bali It wasn’t long till we were holding hands And while we strolled along the beach together We kissed and then she promised to be mine You could’ve knocked me over with a feather When she told me that she came from Caroline The day I sailed across the ocean To find romance across the sea I never had the slightest notion I’d meet the girl who used to live next door to me And now we own a cottage in the valley A little paradise that’s hers and mine It happened on the beach at Bali-Bali And ended up way down in Caroline. Transcribed from John Wright’s 78 RPM Record Collection (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - June 2013)


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