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ON THE OTHER END OF A KISS as rec by Buddy Clark w Mitchell Ayres & his Orch Nov 13th 1946 New York Your brain is sharp, You play the harp, That's easy for me to dismiss! For if you wanna be mine, You've got to shine On the other end of a kiss! The latest style, A toothpaste smile, As good for a boo or a hiss! The thing that matters to me Is how you'll be On the other end of a kiss! Make money, you'll lose it! Why dress up? You'll mess up your clothes! But look what goes on and on About an inch beneath your nose! You've got degrees, You talk Chinese, You know what to do with all this! The only pertinent fact Is how you act On the other end of a kiss! To heed your calls, Niagara Falls! You charted The Alps for the Swiss! But what's important, to whit, Is how you fit On the other end of a kiss! You've dined with queens On pork and beans, You call every princess "Dear miss!", But if you wanna be wed, You'll use your head On the other end of a kiss! Your painting, well go hang it! So what if you yacht is a pip! Consider the space You call you face, Learn to love me lip to lip! You made my folks applaud your jokes, In Kansas they love you for this! But if you wanna be smart, You'll hang your heart On the other end of a kiss! (Contributed by Peter Akers - July 2010)


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