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ON TOP OF OLD SMOKEY Recorded by : Burl Ives, Harry Belafonte, The Brothers Four, ... On top of old Smokey All covered with snow I lost my true lover For a courting to slow Yes courting's a pleasure And parting is grief And a false hearted lover Is worse than a thief She'll kiss you, she'll hug you And tell you more lies Than the cross ties on a railroad Or the stars in the sky Let me tell you 'bout my baby She's like bad brandy wine The first time I kissed her She drove me out my mind She's a Baltimore special Got a fine brown frame When you see her in motion Evil woman is her name Did I tell you 'bout the Eastman Lord what a shame He run off with my baby And scandalized my name Well I went up on a mountain top To call my baby back She was gone with that Eastman Down that lonesome railroad track If I ever see that Eastman I'll shoot him with my gun I'll cut him with my long Jones And dare that pimp to run Little Liza, little Liza I couldn't sleep last night Come on back home baby Everything will be all right Let me tell you, let me tell you I don't care what you say If my woman ever comes back I'll give my life away If you ever see a dark cloud A-rollin' in the sky It's my woman gone to heaven With a tear drop in her eye On top of old Smokey All covered with snow I lost my true lover For a-courting to slow


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