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ON YOUR TOES from "On Your Toes" 1936 musical New York Richard Rodgers (m) Lorenz Hart (l) 1936 as recorded by Ambrose & his Orchestra (vocal - Jack Cooper) Aug 15th 1936 See the pretty apple, top of the tree, The higher up, the sweeter it grows! Pickin' fruit, you've gotta be Up on your toes! See the pretty penthouse, top of the roof, The higher up, the higher rent goes! Get that dough, don't be a goof, Up on your toes! They climb the clouds To come through with air mail; The dancing crowds Look up to some rare male, Like that Astaire male! See the pretty ladies, top o' the crop, You want to know the way the wind blows? Then my noy, you'd better hop Up on your toes, Up on your toes! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - June 2013)


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