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'OOTER SONG, THE (Vandyke) Sid James - 1961 I was givin' me plates of meat an airin' When I 'eard an 'ullabaloo like swearin' I'd just started to investigate When a bobby blue said, "Just a minute, you Who do you think you're swearin' at, mate?" "Me?", he said, "Swearin'!" I said, "Liar", he said, "You're darin'" I said, "It's a fight", he said, "Right!" Then I got punched right up me 'ooter I was waitin' to catch a train last Sunday Looked like 'angin' around the place till Monday Felt like seein' if the train was late Jumped down on the line, the train come in on time The engine driver wore a look of 'ate I shouted, "Help, I've broke me back" He shouted, "Oi! Get off the track" I said, "Why, you comin' back?" Then I got punched right up me 'ooter 'N it 'urts, ooh it 'urts, it's murder, I'm not kiddin' I've been watchin' a little man recordin' 'E's been wavin' his little stick all mornin' 'E don't seem to like the look of me Talk about a choff, "Oi! Rimsky-Korsakov Don't be such a flamin' misery" 'E's goin' spare, I wonder why 'E wouldn't dare, 'e's gonna try 'E got a cosh, ere, ere, 'ey watch it, Tosh (What a diabolical voice!) Then I got punched, yes, I got crunched Ohh, I got punched right up me 'ooter And that can be very, very nasty, a boppin' an' nut crunchers Well, walkin' about without yer potato mashers People laugh at yer, don't they! (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2019)


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