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OPPOSITE SEX, THE Title song from the film "The Opposite Sex" (1956) (Music: Nicholas Brodszky / Lyrics: Sammy Cahn Dolores Gray (Film Soundtrack) - 1956 (Why do men go into diamond mines) (Seeking stones as bright as stars that glimmer) (Why do little silkworms go about their business) (To make my lady's limbs just shimmer) (Why do those talented Parisian gents) (Wrack their brains concocting fragrant scents) (Ooooooooo-oooooooh) (And why do minks) (Yes, why do minks) (Willingly let themselves get trapped) (The answer is not to confess) (The answer is........) The opposite sex Why do men who should know better Gape at a well filled sweater What's there about it that keeps them craning their necks.....Hmmm? The answer is the opposite sex Now, to explore the topic Take matters philanthropic What keeps them writin' those non-deductable cheques.....Give up? The answer is the opposite sex There are no substitutes for this original thrill There is no chemistry can ever replace it, friends Face it, friends, Folks who were once frustrated What gets them all elated It's very simple, although it may sound complex It means that they've uncovered it Come to and discovered that wonderful fix Called the opposite sex (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2013)


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