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OR WHAT HAVE YOU? >From the Broadway Revue "The Little Show" (1929) (Music: Arthur Schwartz / Lyrics: Howard Dietz) Arden/Ohman Orch. (vocal: Scrappy Lambert) - 1929 Al Goodman & His Orch. (vocal: Frank Munn) - 1929 The Piccadilly Players (vocal: Ermine Calloway) - 1929 June brings the roses that seem to say "Come on, be gay, the summer's coming" It's just the season when my heart begins a-humming "Time to start making hay" That is the reason I sit and dream And watch the stars that shine above me But still it's not much fun When there's only one I want a place to spoon, a girl, a moon Or what have you? A walk among the trees, a hand to squeeze Or what have you? I'm a romantic whimsical thing Bothered by thoughts of spring Little birds cooing make me long for wooing I want a rendezvous, a kiss or two Or what have you? I'd like to own a part of some nice person's heart Someone's arms always near Someone's voice to call me "dear" I want to find romance and love Or what have you? A wedding cake to slice, a ring and rice Or what have you? Little garden, little white gate Where a girl loves to wait Watching and yearning for someone's returning And neighbours dropping in for tea or gin Or what have you? Another pair who've found what makes the world go 'round At the start only two But before the year is through Perhaps we'll have a dog or cat Or what have you? (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - February 2016)


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