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OUR JOE WON'T BE WITH US MUCH LONGER Al Read Marriott Edgar When Joe was first wed he was only nineteen And he said to his wife "Listen Flo, You don't ask me 'Where the hell have you been?' And I won't tell you where to go!" He's lived by this maxim for eighty-five years That makes him a hundred and four And now we've found out why he's always in tears He can't chase the girls any more Our Joe won't be with us much longer Might be a week or a day He said to the Vicar "I can't come no quicker, So just put your hymn book away!" Last Friday we all thought he'd snuffed it Heard our Jack say to our Lil, "He looks healthy and good" Says our Max "So he should" He's just had a fortnight at Rhyl Our Joe won't be with us much longer The Doctor said "Don't make a row, He's asleep full of dope, but we musn't lose hope, But d'you think you could pay my bill now?" The insurance man called and said "Joseph, You've been out when your premiums were due, But it wipes the slate clean, if you know what I mean, You'll be out when we call to pay you!" Our Joe won't be with us much longer It looks like his bolt has been shot It's the love life he's led, there's been three that he's wed And at least half a dozen he's not. I won't say it's the boozing that's done it But where you've got blood, Joe's got gin You can tell, last October, Our Joe came home sober And his dog wouldn't let him come in! Our Joe won't be with us much longer "Get best oak" says our Joe, "Some good stuff, And see when I go, I'm on top of our Flo, She's been on top of me long enough!" We've made the arrangements for Friday With the lilies they've started to call And if he's not gone by a quarter to one The hearse goes without him. That's all!


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