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OUR LOVE WAS MEANT TO BE Joe Davis (m) Fats Waller (m) Alexander Hill (l) Edythe Wright w Tommy Dorsey & his Orch rec 1937 also- Fats Waller & his Rhythm '37 Count Basie & his Orch Sure as the river must flow to the sea, No matter how far it rise aimlessly, Fate has decided you come to me, Our love was meant to be. Sure as the big mighty oak has to grow, Though it was started so long ago, Nature has whispered, we can't help but know, Our love was meant to be. Although you may never Notice my love for you, I'll go on for ever Thinking the way I do. Sure as the sun must shine every day, Lighting a world, driving darkness away, I can't conceal what my heart has to say, Our love was meant to be. (Contributed by Peter Akers - August 2008)


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