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OUR WORLD (Herbie Flowers / Pickett) Blue Mink - 1970 Suddenly I woke this morning The light was dawning on me Tumbling from my bed And scratching my head I looked up to see Bright new day here to stay People all around Not making a sound But taking the air Trying not to choke Breathing the smoke They leave everywhere Bright new day Chorus: The world is ours The place we all share together And all together there's such a lot to share Let's keep our world a fair place for people to live in And we can live in a world for which we care Why does everybody try to rule everything That really matters in the world today Don't they know that this is our world And this is our world And this is our world Everbody's joking And the kids are busy smoking People really must be joking If they think it doesn't happen here Yes it happens in our world Suddenly it seems the ocean has lost its motion for me Troubled water gently gliding, a black cloud sliding by me Wish I knew what to do Take a look ahead Don't bury your head Like an ostrich below Everybody stop blowing the top Up a wonderful world Everyone having fun Chorus Na na na na na na Na na na na na na It's our world This is our world


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