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OUT OF THIS WORLD Harold Arlen (m) Johnny Mercer (l) Jo Stafford w Paul Weston & his Orch rec Sep 13th 1944 Los Angeles also- Bing Crosby w John Scott Trotter's Orch 44 Johnny Green w Stanley Black & his Orch 45 Helen Forrest Sarah Vaughan Buddy Rich Chris Connor w Vinnie Burke & his Quartet 54 The Stargazers 57 Ella Fitzgerald w Frank De Vol & his Orch 58 Tony Bennett 60 & 67 Ella Fitzgerld w Billy May & his Orch 61 You're clear out of this world When I'm looking at you, I hear out of this world The music that no mortal ever knew. You're right out of a book, The fairy tale I read when I was so high; No armoured knight out of a book Could find a more enchanted Lorelei than I. After waiting so long for the right time, After reaching so long for a star, All at once from the long and lonely night time, And despite time, here you are! I'd fly out of this world If you said we were through, So let me fly out of this world And spend the next eternity or two with you; I'll spend the next eternity or two with you. (Contributed by Peter Akers - May 2008)


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