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PACIFIC COAST BLUES Baranco / Mingus as rec by Dinah Washington w Lucky Thompson & his All Stars Dec 13th 1945 Los Angeles Well, the mornin' sun is risin' and I'm sittin' on your back door step. Yes, I'm just a fugitive from slumber, can't count one hour that I've slept! I'm just as blue as the Pacific, and I know my eyes are just as wet! Yes, I thought you loved me baby, but I guess I didn't know the score, And I'd give a dozen daydreams to hold you in my arms once more! And if you ever need me, you'll find me waitin' for you at your door. So baby, think it over, don't let another day pass by, Come on and talk to me daddy, tell mama just one more soothin' lie! If I can't have your lovin', I'm gonna kiss this world goodbye! (Contributed by Peter Akers - November 2009)


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