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PAIR OF SILVER WINGS, A Michael Carr (m) Eric Maschwitz (l) 1941 as rec by Frances Day w Jay Wilbur's Serenaders April 30th 1941 London also rec by- Anne Shelton w Ambrose & his Orch '41 Harry Babbitt w Kay Kyser & his Orch '42 Connie Haines w Gordon Jenkins & his Orch '42 Dinah Shore '42 Kate Smith w Orch dir by Jack Miller '42 Ann Lenner w The Savoy Orpheans '40's Jill Daniels Bob Kuban & The In-Men Vera Lynn (medley) It was just a simple love affair, Two people met, they learnt to care, And found themselves in heaven! To you perhaps this story isn't new, To me it's all my wildest dreams come true! Although they say he's just a crazy sorta guy, To me he means a a million other things, For he's the one who taught this happy heart of mine to fly, He wears a pair of silver wings! Although it's pretty tough, the job he has to do, I wouldn't have him change it for a king. An ordinary fellow in a uniform of blue, He wears a pair of silver wings! I'm so full of pride when we go walking, Every time he's home on leave. He with his wings on his tunic, Me with my heart on my sleeve! But when we're far apart and I am all alone, I sometimes wonder what tomorrow brings, For he's the crazy guy who taught my happy heart to fly, He wears a pair of silver wings! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - June 2012)


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