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PAMELA BROWN (Written by Tom T. Hall) Leo Kottke I'm the guy who didn't marry pretty Pamela Brown An educated, well intentioned, good girl in our town Wonder where I'd be today if she had loved me too Probably be driving kids to school. Chorus: I guess I owe it all to Pamela Brown All of my good times, all my roaming around One of these days I might be in your town And I guess I owe it all to Pamela Brown Seen the lights of cities and I've been through many doors Been to foreign countries and walked upon their shores Seems the guy she married was the best part of my luck She dug him `cause he drove a pick-up truck. And .. Chorus: Interlude: Chorus: [slower] I don't have to tell you just how beautiful she was Everything it takes to get a guy like me in love Lord, I hope she's happy `cause she sure deserves to be Especially for what she did to me. And ... Chorus:


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