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PANIS ANGELICUS (Bread Of The Angels) (Traditional Latin Hymn / Music: César Auguste Franck - 1877) Recorded by: Benjamino Gigli; Charlotte Church; Andrea Bocelli; Il Divo; Luciano Pavarotti; Robert & Robin Kochis; The Irish Tenors; The Choir Of Westminster Cathedral: .......and many others. Panis Angelicus fit panis hominum Dat panis coelicus figuris terminum O res mirabilis! Manducat Dominum Pauper, pauper, servus et humilus Pauper, pauper, servus et humilus Te trina Deitas, unaque poscimus Sic nos tu visita, sicut te colimus Per tuas semitas duc nos quo tendimus Ad lucem quam inhabitas Ad lucem quam inhabitas ********************************* ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Heavenly bread that becomes the bread for all mankind Bread from the angelic host that is the end of all imaginings O miraculous thing, this body of God will nourish Even the poorest, the most humble of servants Even the poorest, the most humble of servants Thee we implore, O God, One in Three So may Thou visit us as we now worship Thee And lead us on Thy way that we at last may see The light wherein Thou dwellest The light wherein thou dwellest ********************************


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