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PARDON ME, PRETTY BABY Vincent Rose - Ray Klages,Jack Meskill Sam Lanin's Ipana Troubadours, Joe Venuti and Eddie Lang Hello, hello, hello, just look who's here, hello, hello, hello, oh dear oh dear; it seems to me that I've met you before. I know, I know, I know it must be you I plainly recognize those eyes of blue; If I'm mistaken, honey don't get sore. Pardon me pretty baby is it yes is it no is it maybe? Pardon me, pretty baby, don't I look familiar to you? Aw come on, get acquanted, there's a bench in the park newly painted, great idea, honey ain't it, well at least it's something to do. Was it summer when I met you. was it underneath the moon? Was it London, were we golfing? How could you forget so soon. by the way, how's your mother, and your dad and your sis and your brother? Pardon me, you’re an other, don't I look familiar to you ? (Contributed by Paolo Petrozziello - September 2010)


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