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PARIS, STAY THE SAME (Victor L. Schertzinger (m) / Clifford Grey (l) 1929) Maurice Chevalier 1929 You'll never miss me when I'm gone Paris But I know that I'll miss you. You took a lot of pains in teaching me Why must we say "Adieu". I've seen your mild days And some of your wild days Down where the Seine flows And where the champagne flows. You taught me all that a kiss could be Paris, your ladies were good enough for me. I've met brunettes here And little brisettes here I've lost my station And my reputation If I've been happy then you're to blame Oh Paris, please stay the same. Paris je t'aime, je t'aime, je t'aime Avec ivresse Comme une maîtresse Tu m'oublieras bien vite et pourtant Mon cœur est tout chaviré en te quittant Je peux te dire qu'avec ton sourire Tu m'as pris l'âme Ainsi qu'une femme Tout en moi est à toi pour toujours Paris je t'aime, XXXX d'amour. NOTES: From the 1929 film 'Love Parade' Director: Ernst Lubitsch (his first sound film) Leads: Maurice Chevalier / Jeanette MacDonald / Lupino Lane / Lillian Roth Note: this film was shot without a soundtrack and had it created and merged after the film was finished. Considered by many to be the first musical film where the songs were actually integrated with the story. One of the leads, Jeanette MacDonald was an influential soprano widely known for her musical films with Maurice Chevalier and Nelson Eddy of the 1930s and 1940s. As a matter of interest, Schertzinger's two best known songs are 'I Remember You' and 'Tangerine'. (Transcribed by David Story - October 2013)


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