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PASS THE JAM, SAM (Larry Clinton) as recorded by Dinah Shore with Henry Rene's Orchestra 1954 The day that we got married I was a happy bride, And at our wedding I sat down by your side. Then I asked you, politely, "Pass the jam, Sam!" I smiled across the table, my lovin' heart was gay, But you just kept on eatin', and never looked my way, So I asked you, politely, "Pass the jam, Sam!" Maybe I'm impatient and maybe you're just slow, Bit look, Sam, that's two whole months and seven days ago! Now here I am still waitin', and gettin' nowhere fast! It's not that I mind waitin', but how long can it last? Now I ask you, precisely, "Pass the jam, Sam!" Your nose is in the paper, your mind is on the news, My toast keeps gettin' colder and I'm not much amused! Now listen Sam, I'm talkin' to ya, please listen to me, "Pass the jam, Sam!" If I take it easy, I guess that I'll survive, But if I ever wear again I'll find someone alive! Now Sam, stop all the spoonin', this ain't no time for play, I'm not gonna wait till Christmas for what I need today! For the last time I ask you, Pass the jam! Pass the jam! Pass the jam, Sam!" Sam-am-am-am-am! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - November 2017)


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