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PEACE, BROTHER Jimmy Van Heusen (m) Eddie De Lange (l) as rec by Mildred Bailey w Benny Goodman & his Orch Nov 11th 1939 New York Peace brother, ain't you glad you're young and able? Peace brother, chicken's on the table. Peace brother, trouble's just another fable, So they say! Peace brother, ain't you glad you're through with hoein'? Peace brother, cabin light's a-glowin'. Peace brother, lover's waitin' and you're goin' Right that way! Don't you get enough to eat? Don't need shoes for your big feet! Got a smile from ear to ear, Don't let it disappear, You can't be beat! Peace brother, all your sins can be forgiven, Peace brother, ain't you glad you're livin'? Peace brother, up to heaven you'll be driven On that judgment day! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - March 2011)


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