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PEACE OF MIND (Mark Lindsay & Terry Melcher) Paul Revere & The Raiders - 1967 Now everybody seems to love it No there ain't a single thing above it And if you ever done without it Got to join me now, we're gonna shout it I'm talking 'bout (Peace of mind) Turn your back on all the sorrow Sun will shine so bright tomorrow Old mister sky will look much bluer Ain't no fact that could be truer Talking 'bout (Peace of mind, peace of mind) Now I learned my lesson from the season Old mother nature has her reason You got cloudy weather, that's a sure sign That in the morning you'll have sunshine I'm talking 'bout (Peace of mind, peace of mind) Just a little bit of (Peace of mind) Everybody needs a piece (Peace of mind) Come on now (Peace of mind) Ooh,ahh, just a little piece (Peace of mind) Everybody needs a little (Peace of mind) (Contributed by Adam Ryder - July 2008)


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