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PECOS BILL >From the Walt Disney film "Melody Time" (1948) (Eliot Daniel / Johnny Lange) Roy Rogers & The Sons Of The Pioneers (Film Soundtrack) - 1948 Down Texas way a river flows Where it comes from nobody knows Where it's a-goin' don't no one care Just doggone glad it's a-leavin' there (That there's the Pecos River) (She was pure alkaline) (Just natu'lly mean water) (Why, the buzzards won't even touch it) Into this fertile garden spot Once there come a prairie cart There was Ma and Pa and sixteen brats Four hound dogs (Yeah, and a couple o' cats) All a-goin West a-lookin' for elbow room (Sure could use some o' the same) Crossin' the Pecos River bed Somethin' fell out and lid on his head Folks didn't even know he was gone Old wagon just kept a-rollin' along Yep, it was Bill (Poor little critter) (Homeless as a poker chip) ('Long came the night and the prairie moon) (Old Ma Coyote a-hurryin' home) (She was due for a shock at her journey's end) For the stork had delivered a dividend (For Ma, more than unusual) (Yep, ain't never happened before) (Prob'ly one o' them new-fangled models) (Bill looked up and then he grinned) (Shucks! Ma's old heart just plum caved in) (Then, seein' right off that he needn't fear) (He staked himself a claim right here) He headed straight for that old chuck wagon (Yep, old Bill was hungrier than a woodpecker with a headache) And so it follered as a nat'ral fact That Bill growed up with that coyote pack He soon become the main top hand In a way they all could understand But little Bill, he couldn't rest Till he proved hisself the A-1 best So, he studied the other varmints, too Then showed 'em all a trick or two (Out-loped the antelope, out-jumped the jackrabbit) (Yeah, Bill even out-hissed the rattlesnake) (Then one day, cross the burnin' sand) (A stranger come to the Pecos land) (The usual committee was there today) (To welcome their guest in the usual way) Now, fifty-to-one weren't no fair fight But one plus Bill made it just about right Well, it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship >From that time on them two stuck together Like warts on a toad, like birds of a feather When Bill growd up, it was nat'ral of course He'd choose a career to suit him and his horse (Yep, Bill become a rootin'-tootin' cowboy) (YAHOOO! YAHOOO!) Wooaah, Pecos Bill was quite a cowboy down in Texas And the Western Superman to say the least (He was the roughest, toughest critter) (Never known to be a quitter) ('Cause he never had no fear of man nor beast) (So, yippee-eye-aye-eye-aye, yippee-eye-oh) (Fer the toughest critter west of the Alamo) Once he roped a ragin' cyclone out of nowhere Then he straddled it and settled down with ease And while that cyclone bucked and flitted Pecos rolled a smoke and lit it And he tamed that orn'ry wind down to a breeze (So, yippee-eye-aye, yippee-eye-oh) (Yodeling) Once there was a drought that spread all over Texas So to sunny Californy he did go And though the gag is kind o' corny He brought rain from Californy That's the way we got the Gulf of Mexico (So, yippee-eye-aye, yippee-eye-oh) (Fer the toughest critter west of the Alamo) (Once a band of rustlers stole a herd of cattle) (But they didn't know the herd they stole was Bill's) (And when he caught them crooked villains) (Pecos knocked out all their fillin's) (That's the reason why there's gold in them thar hills) So, yippee-eye-aye (Eye-aye), yippee-eye-oh (Eye-oh) Fer the toughest critter west of the Alamo (Oh, Pecos lost his way while travellin' on the desert.....Water) (It was ninety miles across the burnin' sand.....Water) (He knew he'd never reach the border.....Water) (If he didn't get some water.....Water) So, he got a stick and dug the Rio Grande (Yodeling) While a tribe of painted Indians did a war dance Pecos started shootin' up their little game He gave them redskins such a shakeup That they jumped out from their makeup That's how the Painted Desert got its name So, yippee-eye-aye, eye-oh Fer the toughest critter west of the Alamo (While reclinin' on a cloud high over Texas) (With his guns he made the stars evaporate) (Then Pecos saw the stars declinin') (So he left one brightly shinin') (As the emblem of the Lone Star Texas State) (So, yippee-eye-aye-eye-aye, yippee-eye-oh) Yep, them was happy days for Bill and that horse (Looked like nothin' could ever come between 'em) (Then it happened!) Now, Bill was happy that fateful day A-killin' some time in his carefree way Inventin' a one-man rodeo A-buttin' heads with the buffalo Poor Bill (Yeah, happy as a hog in a turnip patch) And then, Old Man Fate started dealin' from the bottom o' the deck For down the stream come Slue-Foot Sue With all her charms revealed to view Looked like somethin' from out'n a dream First female woman Bill's ever seen She was strange (Unusual! Yeah, but powerful stimulatin') (Like a slug o' Rye on a empty stomach) Give him a right peculiar feelin' Set his senses plum revealin' With a poundin' sound inside his ears Like the gallopin' hoofs of a thousand steers Inside his chest was a-searin' and churnin' His blood was a-boilin', his brain was a-burnin' A-burnin' with the fires that could only be cooled (In the beckoning depths of two blue limpid pools) (Yep, l'amour had come to Pecos Bill) (Widowmaker was plum puzzled) (Looked like trouble to him. He sure was right) Bill was busy inventin' courtin'.....Western style He arranged for the Moon to rise just right And flood the land with a silvery light Ordered the stars in heaven above To form a token of undying love Then 'cross the sky in words of fire Bill told sweet Sue of his own heart's desire (Sweet Sue, I love you) And so Sue named the weddin' day But there was a price Bill had to pay Sue wanted a bustle, the finest of course And she aimed to be wedded a-ridin' Bill's horse Well, Sue got her bustle and it sure was classy Put the finishin' touch on that sweet gal's chassis (Why, that there happy blushin' bride) (Was a-bustin' out with girlish pride) But Bill had promised Slue-Foot Sue A ride on Widowmaker too Would that horse be willin' to let Sue ride (Well, here comes the answer, fit to be tied) Widowmaker was plum irritated (But it didn't bother Sue none) She walked right up to that critter's side Her gentle hand touched his bristlin' hide Her foot found the stirrup, with a flick of her bustle Sue was aboard and set for the tustle The proceedin's begun to commence forthwith (No doubt about it, that there Sue) (Was a regular female buckaroo) And then.....that bustle (Underneath them frills and flounces) (Sue was developin' plenty o' bounces) (Got to be more'n that gal could handle) Then Sue took off like a Roman Candle That devilish contraption of steel and wire Kept bouncin' that poor gal higher and higher And soon it was plain to the multitude That Sue was a-gainin' altitude (Sure looked like she was a goner) But no, here come a ray of hope (Look! Were Bill and his trusty rope) (He durn soon put a stop to this) (Shucks! Bill weren't never known to miss) Bill was calm, confident, he built his loop with careless ease He judged his distance, tested the breeze Then a whirl and a twirl and a twist o' the wrist He let her go.........but the Champeen missed (How come it happened nobody could ever figure out) She was off again on her heavenly flight Up, up she went, clean out o' sight Till far into space this unfortunate maid Finally come to the Moon And that's where she stayed In the Stae of Texas U.S.A Life still goes on in the same old way And the Pecos River still flows on But the greatest cowboy on Earth is gone Yeah, Bill went back to the coyotes But he never forgot Sue And ev'ry night when the Moon ris high He'd lift his voice in mournful cry Bewailin' the fate of his lady fair His long lost love in the sky up there So painful was his grief to see The varmints joined in out of sympathy And that's how come to this very day Coyotes howl at the Moon that way (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - January 2013)


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