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PEGGY (Words by Harry Williams / Music by Neil Moret, 1919) Nature's queen in nature's scene is you just you, Oh, pretty Peggy, you know it's true; weeping willows sigh and peeping birdies cry, sigh for, cry for you, and so do I. Roses fair perfume the air for you just you, Oh Pretty Peggy, you know they do; violets are blue, they're wild about you, too. So I'll show I'll be as true to you. Peggy come out and meet me dear, for you know in the spring it's ringtime weather, Peggy come out and greet me, dear, we'll roam the plains and country lanes together, (Sweet girlie) We'll play along the moonlit way, and as we swing along we'll sing a song or two; Peggy, you've knocked my heart a twister, little sister. I love you.


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