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PERHAPS Aldo Franchetti / Andreas De Segurola 1941 as rec by Deanna Durbin w Orch dir by Charles Previn January 22nd 1941 Hollywood Today at dawn a butterfly came to my window sill, The sunlight gleaming on his wings wakened me from my dreams. Oh butterfly, if you could speak, what would you say to me? Do you know of whom I'm dreaming, did he send you to me? Perhaps, perhaps you've come to say, "Good morning, my dearest one!", Last night I told you I adored you, asked if you loved me too. You laughed and said you did not know if it would be wise to tell Perhaps, perhaps it would be wiser if I told you, "Goodbye!". Perhaps, perhaps he does not know I did not mean what I said; Perhaps, perhaps you better tell him, tell him I love him so! (Contributed by Peter Akers - January 2010)


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