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PETER'S POP KEEPS A LOLLIPOP SHOP J.P.Long as rec by Jack Cooper, Les Carew, and Max Bacon w Ambrose and His Orch (1936) JACK COOPER: There's a lucky lad named Pete Living in our village street Girlies try to catch his eye I'll tell you the reason why Peter's pop keeps a lollipop shop Full of dainty things to eat Peter's pop keeps a lollipop shop It's a real good break for Pete Pretty girls all stop at the lollipop shop That is owned by Peter's pop And Pete picked many a perfect peach >From Pete's pop's lollipop shop LES CAREW: Peter's Pop keeps a little "pop shop" With the three brass balls complete Peter's Pop keeps a little "pop shop" So they call him Uncle Pete When your watch you "pop" at the little "pop shop" That is owned by Peter's Pop - Aye It helps to pass away the time At Pete's Pop's lollipop shop MAX BACON: Peter's Pop keeps a lollipop shop (Did I tell you this before?) Well a girl once stopped in the lollipop shop And the name was "Annie Moore" But she met her "cop" at the lollipop shop Now the boys round there don't stop 'Cos Annie don't live anymore in Pete's Pop's lollipop shop! (Transcribed by jonjamg, Sir Isaac - August 2012)


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