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PETER THE METER READER (Don Bearman / Meri Wilson) Meri Wilson - 1978 Here we go again! I was lyin' on my back porch, just a-gettin' some sun Had my hair done up in pigtails, had my swimmin' suit on I was just about asleep when there came a shadow over me I opened up my eyes to peek and what did I see-eee-eee There was a man, what a man, lookin' down over me Tall, dark and handsome, six-foot-three There was a look in his eye that was tellin' me You knew there was somethin' that he wanted to see He said, "Hi! My name's Peter And I'm here to read your meter I'd like to see your kilowatts Could you take me to your box" I didn't have the slightest notion where that box could be But I said to Peter, "Won't you follow me" We went upstairs, downstairs, inside and out I just loved having Peter follow me about He said, "Hey, what's with ya pops Can't you take me to your box I came here to see your meter They call me Peter the meter reader" By the time he found my meter it was quarter-past-four And he said to watch my heater as he was walkin' through my door Ev'ry single kilowatt was lookin' just fine And he'd be comin' back to see them in another month's ti-i-i-ime So now I'm waitin', yes I'm waitin' so patiently To have my sweet, sweet Peter read my meter for me But maybe I should tell you so you'll understand That Peter used to be my telephone man Singin' hey-lolly-lolly, hey-lolly-lolly Hey lolly-lolly, get it anyway you can Hah-hah-hah, oh, I never done anything like this before Well! (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2006)


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