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PETER THE MILLER (Traditional English - Author Unknown) When Peter the Miller went unto the fair Young Paul, very downcast, met with him there "What's wrong?" Peter cried. "I'm in love" said Paul "And terribly troubled I am with it all Though the maid, she is willing and ready to wed Yet her father's as crusty as home-made bread And he swears that wedded we never shall be Oh what would you do, if you were me? What would you do, what would you do What would you do, if you were me?" Well said Peter the Miller, "When I were young Such crusty old fathers could go and get hung I'd choose a dark night, if she didn't say nay Slip an arm round her waist and I'd up and away I'll help 'ee, me lad, and tonight if you'd care Why, I'll lend 'ee me trap and me old grey mare Make off with thee lass, lad, that's what I'd do That's what I'd do, if I were you That's what I'd do, that's what I'd do That's what I'd do, if I were you" Well, when Peter the Miller got home that night No log in the fire, in the window no light But where could his daughter be, plague take the maid What's this, here's a note on the table laid "Dear Father, we thought your advice was so good We carried it out just as soon as we could If you ask our advice as to what you should do Oh, we'd just make the best of it, if we were you That's what we'd do, that's what we'd do That's what we'd do, if we were you"


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