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PETOUTIE PIE (Frank Paparelli / Raymond Leveen / Lorenzo Pack as recorded by Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Jordan October 8th 1945 Petoutie pie, petoutie pie, You're my petoutie, sugar fruity, dreamy pie. I crave and cram your special jam, Mmm, you under-rated, solid dated, superman! And every gal who passes Just looks and hollers "Ooh!", Like flies caught in molasses, They all get stuck on you! Petoutie pie, petoutie pie, You're such a tasty hunk o' pastry, me oh my! Gotta light the oven, Gonna cook a dish o' lovin', So kiss me, oh my, petootie pie! (scat) You're my my my, petoutie pie! We'll count to seven, (Count, one two three four five six seven) Then steal away to heaven, (Come on darlin', let's go) So kiss me, aaah, and kiss me, (What, again?) Mmm, so kiss me, oh my, petootie pie. (You're my petootie pie) Mmmmmm. (Transcribed by Peter Akers - May 2017)


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