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THE PHOENIX (Judee Sill) Judee Sill The sun was red, and the fires were roarin' Stars aligned and the webs were spun I coulda sworn I heard my spirit soarin' Guess I'm always chasin' the sun Hopin' we will soon be one Until it turns around to me, then I try to run... On phosphorous wings the phoenix floated The fires froze and the sea was hushed And when I tried to speak, the sun imploded And the war will wage in my guts Till the Devil bites the dust, I never say him losin' a race, but I think he must... The great storm raged and the power kept growin' Dragons rose from the land below And even now I wonder where I'm goin' Ever since a long time ago I've tried to let my feelings show I'd like to think I'm bein' sincere, but I'll never know... (Contributed by =AeMoggs= - June 2009)


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