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PICCADILLY CIRCUS (Paul Kramer) Suzy Bogguss - 2003 Dinner and the opera All so prim and proper Still it seemed the night was young So under my umbrella We set out to find the place Everybody told us about Piccadilly Circus Has a way to work its Magic on the unaware A rainy night in London always finds A stream of unsuspecting valentines High atop a fountain Cupid sits a-countin' Candidates for true romance Dizzy as a dickens We were easy pickin's Piccadilly Circus Never gave us half a chance (Piano - Violin) The magic of that evening Was destined to be fleeting Sadly, just a brief affair But I can still recapture in my mind A perfect picture of that place and time Bare feet in the puddles Carefree little cuddles Two silly lovebirds on parade Midnight tower bell chimes A kiss that seemed to melt time Piccadilly Circus Why'd you steal my heart away I'll always remember That scene of sweet surrender Piccadilly Circus Just like it was yesterday (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2019)


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