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PICK ME UP AND LAY ME DOWN IN DEAR OLD DIXIELAND (Bert Kalmar / Harry Ruby, 1922) One day I watched a flock of whippoor wills, as they flew to their homes across the hills; they were merrily flying, to the south I knew and I couldn't help crying; "Take me there with you!" Bring me down there beneath the Southern sky, sing me one little Dixie lullabye; there's a candle light burning, down old Dixie way tell the folks that I'm yearning, for them night and day. Pick me up, and lay me down in dear old Dixieland, the sun shines there each morn that's where the sun was born. My heart's been all wrapped up in that land of magic charms carry me back to someone's empty arms. Keep those darkies singing, till I get back; to that ivy clinging ram shackle shack. Pick me up just like my mammy; lead me by the hand, and lay me down in dear old Dixie land.


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