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PIDDLE, TWIDDLE AND RESOLVE (Words & Music by Sherman Edwards) - 1776 Adams : Dear God! For one solid year they have been sitting there, for one year doing nothing! I do believe you've laid a curse on North America A curse that we here now rehearse in Philadelphia A second flood, A simple famine plagues of locusts everywhere or a cataclysmic earthquake I'd accept with some despair but no you send us congress good God sir was that fair? I say this with humility in Philadelphia we're your responsibility in Philadelphia If you don't want to see us hanging on some far off British hill if you don't want the voice of independency forever still then God sir get thee to it! For congress never will Chorus: You see we piddle twiddle and resolve not one damn thing do we solve piddle twiddle and resolve nothing's ever solved in foul, fetid, fuming, foggy, filthy, Philadelphia. Congress Man: Someone ought to open up a window Adams: Oh shut up! They may sit here for years and years in Philadelphia These indecisive grenadiers of Philadelphia They can't decide on what is right or wrong or what is good or bad I'm convinced the only purpose this congress ever had was to gather here specifically to drive John Adams mad! Repeat Chorus Abigail: John, John, is that you carrying on? John? Adams: Oh Abigail, Abigail I have such a desire to knock heads together! Abigail: I know my dearest I know, but that's because you make everything so complicated. It's all quite simple really. Just tell congress to declare independency then sign your name get our of there and hurry home to me. Our children all have dysentery little Tom keeps turning blue little Abby has the measles and I'm coming down with flu they say we may get small pox Adams: Uh, Madam, what else is new? Abigail, in my last letter I told you that the king has collected twelve thousand German Mercenaries to send agains us. I asked you to organize the ladies to make salt peter for gunpowder. Have you done as I asked? Abigail: No John, I have not Adams: Why have you not? Abigail: Because you neglected to tell us how salt peter is made. Adams: By treating sodium nitrate with potassium chloride of course! Abigail: Oh yes, of course Adams: Will it be done then? Abigail: I'm afraid we have a more ugent problem John Adams: More urgent madame? Abigail: There's one thing every woman's missed in Massachusetts bay Don't smirk at me you egotist pay heed to what I say We've been from Framingham to Boston and we cannot find a pin don't you know there is a war on say the tradesmen with a grin well we will not make salt peter until you send us pins Adams: Pins madame? Salt peter. Abigail: Pins. Adams: salt peter. Abigail: Pins. Adams: Salt peter. Abigail: pins. Adams: Salt peter. Abigail: Pins. Adams: Peter! Abigail: Pins! Adams:Peter! Abigail:Pins! Adams: Peter! Abigail: Pins! Adams: Peter! Abigail: Pins! Adams: Done Madame, done. Abigail: Done, John, done.


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