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PINK SHAMPOO (Minette Alton) as recorded by Connie Haines with orchestra conducted by George Cates October 15th 1953 Mother, get my ribbons, Lay them out with care, Match them to My eyes of blue And pink shampoo my hair. Fill the tub with bubbles, I'm in such a stew! Paint my lips And finger tips And use the pink shampoo. Tonight he'll pop the question; Quick, the French cologne! I kind of think He's on the brink, I feel it now in every bone! So hurry with my satins, Pull the laces tight. Me and you And pink shampoo Makes history tonight! Oh, mother pack my trousseau, Check the railroad too, It's xxxx? xxxx?, You be sure I pack my pink shampoo! Somethin' blue and borrowed, Anything that's new, Somethin' old As good as gold, Make that the pink shampoo! He's gonna be a pigeon When he strokes my hair. That magic spell Works so well, I hear the church bells in the air! So mother, fix my orchid, Bless you through and through! If this plan Will get my man, Then bless that pink shampoo! If this plan Will get my man, Then bless that pink shampoo! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - May 2017)


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