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PIQUE'S SONG from "The Diviners" (lyrics by Margaret Lawrence) Loreena McKennitt There's a valley holds my name, now I know. In the tales they used to tell it seemed so low. There's a valley way down there. I used to dream it like a prayer. And my fathers, they lived there long ago. There's a mountain holds my name, close to the sky. And those stories made that mountain seem so high. There's a mountain way up there. I used to dream I'd breathe its air And hear the voices that in me would never die. I came to taste the dust out on a prairie road. My childhood thoughts were heavy on me like a load But I left behind my fear When I found those ghosts were near Leadin' me back to that home I never knowed. Ah, my valley and my mountain, they're the same My living places, and they will never be tame. When I think how I was born I can't help but being torn But the valley and the mountain hold my name. The valley and the mountain hold my name. (Contributed by =Ae= - September 2010)


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