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PLAY A SIMPLE MELODY (Irving Berlin) Recorded by: Irving Berlin; Stanley Black; Bing Crosby; Gary Crosby; Jonathon & Darlene Edwards; Fred Hartley; London Theatre Orch.; Dorothy Loudon; Ethel Merman; Dinah Shore; Jo Stafford; The Three Stooges. {Verse 1} Won't you play some simple melody Like my mother sang to me One with a good old-fashioned harmony Play some simple melody {Verse 2} Musical demon, set your honey a-dreaming, won't you play me some rag Just change that classical nag to some sweet beautiful drag If you will play from a copy of a tune that is choppy you'll get all my applause And that is simply because I want to listen to rag {Verse 3A} Play for me That good old-fashioned harmony Oh, won't you play for me A simple melody {Verse 3B} Play from a copy of a tune that is choppy You'll get all of my applause because I want to rag it Ragtime melody Arrangement: Verse 1 Verse 2 Verses 1 and 2 together --- instrumental break --- Verses 1 and 2 together Verses 3A and 3B together


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