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PLAYGROUND MAN From the short film "Over The Counter" (1932) (George Frank Rubens) Maureen Marseilles (Film Soundtrack) - 1932 Why do you act so glum Get in the spirit of it all You're too handsome to be down And you're too strong and tall to be bashful Playground man, I have a little plan How to have a lot of joy Ride in my kiddy car, you can go far But if you take advantage, you're a naughty boy This is life, forget you have a wife Won't you teetor-totter me Then I'll reciprocate, demonstrate A movement and improvement to the nursery Post Office is a baby game I've heard people say Post Office is no baby game The way we play And on your lap, I'll be no handicap Parking on a big divan And I will never miss a little kiss Let's get started, our big-hearted playground man (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - March 2018)


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