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PLAYING THE FIELD (Steve Allen) Andy Williams Also recorded by: George Bugatti, Terry Gibbs, Buddy Greco, Johnny Holiday, Bob McChesney. I’m playin’ the field Some other guys Ought to get wise And do like me. I’m looking around Playin’ it cool, Nobody’s fool Feet on the ground. Oh, I’m playin’ the field Walkin’ on air I haven’t a care The live long day I’m feelin’ no pain I’m makin’ no slips Takin’ no trips Down lovers lane. Oh, I can throw my clothes around And come home late at night And mess the papers up Nobody cares Sometimes it gets a little lonesome, true But that’s alright I never have to dust those empty chairs Oh, I’m playin’ the field Bachelor man Long as I can That’s what I’ll be My, my future is sealed I’m bidin’ my time A-sister, and I’m Playin’ the field (Musical Break) My, my, my, my, my future is sealed I’m bidin’ my time a-sister and I’m playin’ the field. I’m playin’ the field. (Contributed by Bill Huntley - June 2007)


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