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PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM Lyrics: Hal Hackady - Music: Larry Grossman Tony Bennett with the Torrie Zito Orchestra Remember the love song you used to play, The song you played when I used to say "Play it again, Sam," And then you would play it again, Sam? It's been a few years, Sam, but now and then I'd have a few drinks and remember when I'd sit her and ask you to play it again and again, Sam. First time I heard it, I heard it with her, And you remember how happy we were. Funny what memories that song seems to stir, So play it for me in her memory. I've nobody else but myself to blame For kidding myself 'cause they're all the same. Should be a law for what her kind of dame does to men, Sam. What's over is over, I always say. I'll just have a drink and be on my way. Only came in here to ask you to play it again And again and again and again and again, Sam. (Contributed by Lou Rugani - The Music of the Stars (WLIP) - January 2012)


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