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PLEASE COME OUT OF YOUR DREAM (Carl Sigman (m & l) ) As sung by Ruby Newman (Ruby Newman and His Orchestra) 1938 Also sung by: Ray Eberle with Glenn Miller and His Orchestra Larry Clinton and His Orchestra Johnny Messner and his Music Box Band Ginny Simms 1938 Seger Ellis (bridge to start) Please come out of your dreams Come out of it and come into my arms Castles in the air, will never get you anywhere And there's a sentimental boy beside you Waiting to hear that you care. While the moonlight is bright, get into it Make the most of this light Tell me with a kiss That's you're as thrilling as you seem Oh please, come out of your dream. (bridge to end) Notes: Carl Sigman, an American, was a lyricist at heart, but in fact, did write many song melodies during his career. Amongst them, he often wrote songs for Glenn Miller and Guy Lombardo. Many of his more recent songs are instantly recognizable IT'S ALL IN THE GAME MY HEART CRIES FOR YOU SHANGRI-LA and WHERE DO I BEGIN The latter two songs of course are an easy recall for most. The first, as a reference to the 1937 'Utopia lost' Capra film, 'Lost Horizon' (book by English writer James Hilton) and the second, the love them from the 1970s hit film 'Love Story'. Ruby Newman, an American and a Bostonian, was a big band leader musician from the 1920s to the 1940s. He often played solo violin in his own orchestra. He is perhaps most noted for his work, MY SILENT LOVE from 1932. Reportedly, his band often did not contain a trumpet section. Newman uniquely substituted strings instead. (Transcribed by David Story May 2014)


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