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PLEASE DON'T SAY NO, SAY MAYBE From the film "Thrill Of A Romance" (1945) (Music: Sammy Fain / Lyrics: Arthur Freed) Lauritz Melchior (Film Soundtrack - as the singing voice of Van Johnson) - 1945 The King Sisters (Film Soundtrack) - 1945 Tommy Dorsey & His Orch. vocal: Jerry Scott (Film Soundtrack) - 1945 Ginny Simms - 1945 Guy Clark - 1945 Paul Fenhoulet & The Skyrockets Dance Orch. (vocal: Cyril Shane) - 1945 Michael Feinstein - 1989 I can see that you are above any love of mine You're the shining star that's so far from my reach Yet I tell myself after all, even stars have to fall So, with that in mind, I beseech you Please don't say "No", say "Maybe" Or say "Come back in the Spring!" Say any old thing, but don't say "No!" Please don't say "No", 'cause baby I've so much love to impart It's making my heart overflow Be sweet and kind And keep this thought in mind While you think it over Great loves from little friendships grow So, please don't say "No", say "Maybe", And though I wish you'd confess, Right now I'd settle for less, Because in time, baby You'll wind up saying "Yes" (Contributed by Peter Akers - April 2010) (Updated by Mel Priddle - February 2017)


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