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PLEASE TELL ME WHY (Dave Clark / Mike Smith) The Dave Clark Five I don't know why she won't love me Lord, please tell me why Maybe it's that she don't love me Don't count on it please, she's shy If she's shy then I'll understand I'll make the first move and hold her hand But if I'm wrong then I'll be mad La-da-da-da-da I've been tryin' oh so hard But she don't seem to notice I sit next to her in class But she can't see my motive Do you think she has a boy If she has then I'm done 'Cause if he catches me with her I think I'll have to run If she's passive she'll understand I'll value my love but not in her hands But if I'm wrong then I'll be mad La-da-da-da-da La-da-da-da-da La-da-da-da-da


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