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POLLY IN A PORNY (Shel Silverstein) Shel Silverstein - 1972 Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, I kissed Polly goodnight Standin', ha-ha-ha, as we stood at her front door Now she's quite a proper lady So I didn't ask for anything more But, ha-ha, I was feeling oh, so groovy That I went down to the movie And I sat down and guess just what I saw I saw Polly in a porny Down at the dirty flicks I saw Polly in a porny I didn't know she knew them tricks What I seen nearly struck me blind I never knew she was theatrically inclined I saw Polly in a porny with a pony And I've nearly blowed my mind Was she gallopin' (No, no, no) Oh, was she trottin' (No, no, no) Oh, was she ridin' across the country With some tall dark handsome person Oh, was she wearin' her cowboy hat Ha-ha, well not exactly that But at least I recall she had her spurs on I love ol' Polly in a porny I keep on goin' back Yeah, in the very last row I'm singin' low With my coat bouncin' in my lap, oooooooh I spend each dime I can afford I swear she's gonna win an Academy Award I saw Polly in a porny with a pony And the pony seemed a little bored Ooh-ooh, (Polly in a porny), ride, Polly ride (Polly in a porny) Slide, Polly slide (Polly in a porny) Ooooh, pass me that popcorn, Pepsi, milk, nuts Ooohhh (Polly in a pony) Oohhh, I only got one hand to hold it (Polly in a pony) Focus! Focus! Focus that son-of-a-bitch Come on........FADE (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - October 2010)


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