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POOR PAPA (HE'S GOT NOTHIN' AT ALL) (Music: Harry Woods / Lyrics: Billy Rose) Lee Morse & Her Bluegrass Boys - 16th February 1926 Ben Selvin & His Orch. - 18th February 1926 Ted Lewis & His Band (Instr.) - 19th February 1926 The Red Heads (vocal: Arthur Fields) - February 1926 Irving Aaronson & His Commanders (vocal duet: Irving Aaronson & Paul Small) - 24th March 1926 The Goofus Five (Instr.) - 12th May 1926 "Whispering" Jack Smith - July 1926 Jack Hylton & His Orch. (vocal: Chappie D'Amato) - 13th August 1926 The Hoosier Hotshots - 1940 The Sugar Shoppe - 1968 As recorded by "WHISPERING" JACK SMITH: "Now, don't get married, don't get married", said my friend Nick Brown If you take a wife, you're out of luck for life He had all his little sons and daughters by his side Like happy hooligans, sixteen kids, they all lined up and cried Mama's got shoes, Mama's got clothes Mama's got these and Mama's got those But poor Papa, poor Papa, he's got nothin' at all Mama goes here, Mama goes there Mama goes out to every affair But poor Papa, poor Papa, he waits out in the hall Now, Christmas comes and Mama gets The most expensive frocks Papa gets a necktie And a pair of ten cent socks ** Everyone cheers when Mama appears And she's got diamonds stuck in her ears But poor Papa, poor Papa, he's got nothin' at all And Mama eats ham, Mama eats lamb Mama eats bread with strawberry jam And poor Papa, poor Papa, he eats nothin' at all Mama says "Oh!", Mama says "Ah!" Mama says "Boo!" and Mama says "Bah!" But poor Papa, poor Papa, he says nothin' at all Papa bought a limousine And the most expensive kind Now he wears a chaffeur's suit, hah-hah And Mama rides behind Mama's got silk, satin beneath She's got gold in all of her teeth But poor Papa, poor Papa, he's got no teeth at all ** In the Jack Hylton/Chappie D'Amato recording, this line is sung as "And a pair of Woolworth socks" (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2012)


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