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POPCORN SACK (Jerry Duplessis / Walter) Spike Jones & his City Slickers - 1947 (vocals: The Boys in the Back room / Paul Frees / Sir Frederick Gas) Don't take me out to the movies, I'd rather stay home and relax I'll tell you the problem with movies It's too darn many pop corn sacks (Ah, Amy, Let me take off my shoes and run barefoot through your hair.) (Oh, but Charles, I always thought you wante.. (crackle crackle)) The big main feature lights the screen The hero beats the villains back Then comes the climax of the scene Rattle, rattle, rattle pop corn sack The mystery picture's in a mess The cops admit the case looks black Just when the crook starts to confess Rattle, rattle, rattle pop corn sack They've brought back silent pictures and that's no gag The loudest sound department Is in the bag On comes a girl in tight sarong Cut so in front and low in back She takes a deep breath for a song Rattle, rattle, rattle pop corn sack (Musical Interlude) That Eddie Robinson is tough But when he tries to do his stuff "I'm gonna drill ya, see, and y'know why, Jack? Now I'll slug that mug with the pop corn sack" When Katharine Hepburn speaks her part And gives out high dramatic art "Oh, the callalilies will soon be back On the chest of that pest with the pop corn sack" That salt and butter rattler Soon drives you nuts You must eliminate him No ifs or buts It doesn't mean a doggone thing When Mr. Jolson starts to sing The noise comes from the guy behind You turn and shoot (bang) falls down smack You think now you'll have peace of mind (Timber!) goes another pop corn sack (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - October 2005)


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