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POP GO THE WORKERS The Barron Knights - 1965 If the beat boom was collapsing The Groups would all go spare They could have trouble finding jobs They're searching everywhere If the Groups had to go back to work What would the Rolling Stones do Imagine them arriving late The foreman wouldn't 'alf create You can't have your cake and eat it too (Sung as Mick Jagger.....) I clocked in on Friday Too late to collect my pay The boss began to moan I got fired the following day Some of the female groups could get married Housewives they'd become They could sit at home all day And hope their husbands earned their pay We've heard from them that it's not much fun (Sung as The Supremes.....) Oooh-oooh-oooh-oooh-oooh Washing up and scrubbing clothes There are so many other chores My husband likes his beer (My husband likes his beer) That's why he's never here Ooohoo-ooohoo-ooohoo-ooooooooo The Bachelors could return To the dear Old Emerald Isle Working in the factory Would they keep their smile (Sung as The Bachelors.....) I don't want to go to work On me bike in the rain (Bike in the rain) So keep buying all our records Then we won't clock-in again (Transcribed/Contributed by Mel Priddle & Jean-Marie del Fabbro - January 2011)


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