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POPPY FIELDS From the film "Wizard Of Oz" (1939) WITCH:"Ah-hah! So, you won't take warning, eh? All the worse for you, then! I'll take care of you now, instead of later! Hah! When I gain those ruby slippers, my power will be the greatest in Oz! "And now, my beauties! Something with poison in it, I think. With poison in it, but attractive to the eye, and soothing to the smell! Poppies! Poppies! Poppies will put them to sleep." DOROTHY: "Oh--oh--what's happening? What is it? I can't run any more. I'm so sleepy." SCARECROW: "Here, give us your hands and we'll pull you along." DOROTHY: "Oh no, please. I have to rest for just a minute." SCARECROW: "HELP! HELP! Help! It's snowing! No it isn't! Yes, it is! Oh, maybe that will help! Oh, but it couldn't help! It does help! Dorothy! You're waking up!" OPTIMISTIC VOICES: "You're out of the woods, You're out of the dark, You're out of the night! Step into the sun, Step into the light! Keep straight ahead for the most glorious place On the face of the earth or the sky! Hold on to your breath, Hold on to your heart, Hold on to your hope! March up to the gate and bid it!"


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