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PORT AU PRINCE written by Bernie Wayne & Joe Cabot. (Caterina Valente) Look at the world around you and you’ll see it’s an awful mess Living’s getting higher and your bankroll is getting less I’ve got a great solution that’ll lead you to happiness Come on and join me down in Port au Prince You run around so busy and you don’t even know what for Civilisation’s got you caught you in a revolving door I’ve got a tip just take a trip and smile at the sun once more Come on and join me down in Port au Prince You’ll thrill to all the magic of a tropic night You’ll feel the magic when he holds you tight While blazing stars ignite the sky You’ll dance to pulsing rhythms of the voodoo drum And all at once you’ll know that love has come And it will never say Good Bye Well, if you’re not convinced by now, then brother I rest my case oh, but you’re going to love it when you get to that lovely place You’ll see the way they live there is too good for the human race Come on and join me down in Port au Prince (Contributed by Gerd Loedige- March 2014)


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