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PORTER'S LOVE SONG TO A CHAMBERMAID, A (Andy Razaf / James P. Johnson)) Also recorded by : Benny Carter; James Dapogny's Chicago Jazz Band; Kenny Davern; Edegran Orch.; Lars Erstrand Quartet; Arthur Godfrey; Marty Grosz; Bob Howard; James P. Johnson; Julia Lee; Roy Milton; Jimmie Noone; Hot Lips Page; Andy Razaf; Sammy Rimmington & His Band; Bobby Short; Willie "The Lion" Smith; Ralph Sutton; Norman Thatcher; Pinky Tomlin; Johnny Varro; Fats Waller; Washboard Rhythm Kings. as recorded by Thomas "Fats" Waller & his Rhythm May 16th 1934 New York Though my position is of low degree, And all the others, they look down on me, I'll go smiling through, That's if I have you! I am the happiest of troubadours, Thinkin' of you, baby, while I'm massaging those floors. At my leisure time, I made up this rhyme; I will be the oil mug If you'll be the oil, Then we both could mingle Every time we toil. I will be the washboard If you'll be the tub, Think of all the Mondays We can rub-a-dub! I will be your shoe brush If you'll be my shoe, Then I'll keep you bright, dear, Still feeling good as new! If you'll be my razor, I will be your blade, That's a porter's love song To a chambermaid. (swing it Jason, swing it, swing it, swing it son!) (oh toot it Paulie, toot it, repeat toot it, yeah!) I will be the dust pan If you'll be the broom, We can work together, baby, All around the room. I will be your clothes pin, Be my pulley line, We'll hang out together, mm-mm, Wouldn't that be fine! Now listen, I will be the dish pan, Providin', providi' you be the perfect dish, mmmm, And we'll meet after meals dear, What more could you wish? I will be your window If you'll be my window shade, That's a porter's love song To a chambermaid. (scat, yes, ooh yes yes!) (Transcribed by Peter Akers - December 2012) *********** A PORTER'S LOVE SONG TO A CHAMBERMAID (Andy Razaf / James P. Johnson) as recorded by Red Norvo & his Orchestra (vocal : Mildred Bailey) I will be your dust pan If you'll be my broom We could work together All around the room I will be your clothes pin Be my pulley line We'll hang out together Wouldn't that be fine I will be your dish pan If you'll be my dish We'll meet after meals dear What more could you wish I will be your window Be my window shade That's a porter's love song To a chambermaid. (Contributed by Bill Huntley - February 2005)


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