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POUSSE CAFE (J P Jowett / Chris Foster / Nigel Mullaney) as recorded by Julie London with Orchestra directed by Pete King 1958 I sit and sip pousse cafe, The others think It's just a drink! How can they know of the love song it starts? It's like my heart, It's in three parts! Why do I drink pousse cafe? Oh, I don't know, It warms me so! I can tell that it's a toast to a dream, It's on my lips, How near you seem! Once your lips caressed me tenderly, Offered love, love that would not go astray. Empty arms and just a memory, And a lonely drink of pousse cafe. Pour me one more pousse cafe, An aperitif Can't bring relief! I'm the moth who got too close to the flame; I played for keeps, you played a game, And so I linger here and sip pousse cafe. (Transcribed by Peter Akers - May 2014)


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